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PHONEslips Group Scheduler
PHONEslips Group Scheduler 2.0
Introducing an even easier way to manage multiple schedules
We've listened to your suggestions and now the PHONEslips Group Scheduler is even more powerful than ever. There are over 25 new features and dozens of benefits that will make your office even more productive.

Color code your schedule items
Each user can assign their own custom colors for the background of schedule events by item code. This makes it easy to spot different types of schedule items at a glance. For example you can assign all meetings that require the conference room the same color, making it easy to see if there are conflicts.

Color code names
Have you ever had trouble seeing your schedule items when they're mixed in with a bunch of other user's items in Month view? Now each user can assign their own custom colors to names, making them easier to find in the various views.

New 'Logging' feature tracks changes to event date and times
Have you ever wondered what date and time an item used to be on before it was moved? Or wanted to know who moved it and why? The new Log Changes option keeps a log entry every time an item’s date or time changes and lets you quickly note the reason.

Toggle schedules in and out of view with one click
Do you find yourself working with the same group of schedules, but sometimes would like to be able to remove a few of them quickly? A new feature lets you select a group of names you would like to view schedules for, then just check or uncheck their name from your main schedule view to instantly pull their schedule in and out of view

Improved name selection list
Now you can easily set the order schedules show up in the views.

10 new reports, plus a new Custom Report Option
In addition to new Daily, Monthly, Weekly and List View reports, a new web site lets you download new reports at any time for free. Don’t see what you’re looking for? In most cases we can create a custom report for you at no charge in just a matter of days.

See scheduled event blocks when using a filter
Have you ever wanted to just see items of a particular type, by item code for instance, but still be able to see the other item types so you know what time blocks are already taken? This new feature works with the filter and lets you optionally show 'filtered out' items low-lighted.

User Interface Improvements
* Improved event blocks make it easier to find available times
* Cut and paste appointments in Month view
* Preview window on Year view lets you see all items for a selected day
* Adjustable minimum default width lets you add more schedules to view
* Automatic refresh shows changes made at other machines without any action on your part
* New hotkeys make it even easier to navigate through the calendar
* Auto-hide Saturday and Sunday in week view * More sort options on the to-do list

Word-wrap support on printouts and on-screen
Now, when there's space available, more text will show up in a appointment block. This makes it easier to read the details without having to use the preview.

Search Improvements
* Copy multiple search result items to a user in one operation
* Improved Search screen saves search results when using GoTo List View Improvements
* Assign an item code to multiple items at once
* Quickly filter List View by Events, To-do and Calls
* New List view and Related entries list options (day of week, alarm time) Productivity Enhancements
* Move a whole days worth of events in one operation
* Dial directly from the Calls list
* Improved support for linking Related Entries to a Folder
* Ability to mark an item as complete from a reminder
* Improved auto-notification memos show more information

Still easy outside, powerful inside
Like the rest of PHONEslips, Group Scheduler 2.0 is easy to use, but has advanced features available when you need them.

Competitively Priced
We offer three editions of the PHONEslips Group Scheduler that meet the needs of any size office. All editions require an existing PHONEslips 8.0 or higher installation. You only need one Group Scheduler add-on per office.

PHONEslips Group Scheduler Standard - $149
For offices with up to 5 installed PHONEslips licenses

PHONEslips Group Scheduler Pro - $299
For offices with up to 10 installed PHONEslips licenses

PHONEslips Group Scheduler Enterprise - $399
For offices with any number of installed PHONEslips licenses

Start using the PHONEslips Group Scheduler today!
If you're using a scheduling program other than PHONEslips, ask about our free data conversion. And like all of our products, there's a 30 day money back guarantee. Order now

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