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PHONEslips Mobile
New! PHONEslips Mobile
An easy to install enhancement that allows PHONEslips users to securely access their office PHONEslips information from their mobile phone or PDA with internet access.

Real-time Access!
Data does not need to be synchronized before leaving the office. You are always working with live data, directly, just like working in the office. Return messages, look up phone numbers and appointments and even make changes.

It’s completely secure. SSL 128-bit RSA encryption is used, the same standard used by other major web sites, including on-line banking and shopping.

Nothing to install!
Users do not need to install anything on their mobile phone or PDA. They simply enter the address to our PHONEslips Mobile web server in to their Internet Browser. You do not need a web server, we provide and maintain that part for you, and all web server setup is done on our end, by us, when you order.

Competitively Priced!
Only $14.95 per month for the first user. Only $5 per month for each additional user.

Current PSRemote subscribers get special pricing, call for details.

User licenses do not need to match the number of PHONEslips licenses. In other words, if only one user in your office requires mobile access, you only pay for one user, regardless of the number of users in the office.

Start using PHONEslips Mobile today!
Like all of our products, there's a 30 day money back guarantee.

Just call 1-520-884-8698 or order online.
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