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PHONEslips Mobile Sync
Take your PHONEslips data with you
Many professionals are discovering the convenience of portable information devices, such as the popular PocketPC® connected organizers. With the PHONEslips Mobile Sync software, you can access your PHONEslips data wherever you go! Combine the simplicity of PHONEslips with the convenience of a handheld organizer— synchronize all of your important PHONEslips messages, phone list records, scheduler and to-do list items directly in your handheld device.

How does it work?
PHONEslips Mobile Sync software is an add-on tool that integrates information stored in the PHONEslips program with handheld organizers. Simply connect your handheld device to your PC and all of your important PHONEslips data transmits to your organizer. While away from the office, you can respond to messages, modify data, add to your schedule and perform many other functions. When you return, simply synchronize again and all of your new data is imported into PHONEslips.  Buy now
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