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PHONEslips 13
Now shipping! PHONEslips 13

Our best version yet!
Telexis, developers of PHONEslips, announces the release of version 13. This latest version has improvements to all areas of the product and several completely new features. In addition, the software maintains the same look and functionality of older versions, making it easy for staff to use it right away. For a limited time, licensed users of previous versions of PHONEslips are entitled to special upgrade pricing (see order form below).

New! Chat Feature
You no longer need to have 10 memos in your inbox, when a simple back and forth chat screen can answer your question faster! Plus you can have an optional transcript of the Chat sent to your inbox for important tracking and billing requirements.

Want to collaborate with a group of users? With the new Chat feature, our unique technology allows you to do it with one easy popup screen. Invite a group of PHONEslips users to decide on important matters, then have an optional transcript sent directly to their inbox for tracking purposes.

The new Chat feature simplifies back and forth conversations, without a memo chain in your inbox to clean up.

Folder Archiving
Archive your folders, but still have instant access to them for future reference. New option at the top of the folder list lets you hide them.

New Checklist Feature
Now you can create new CheckLists on your desktop, your inbox, or your noteboard. Keep a running tab of items to be checked off, or send that grocery list straight to your inbox, for “on-the-go”. Create that satisfied feeling of completing your tasks and checking them off.

Announcements Feature
Notify users of important Notices without cluttering up their inbox, but still get their attention. Notify them of system maintenance, conference room announcements, etc. Plus they can automatically expire so there’s nothing to maintain.

Custom Message Flags
Set different color flags on messages and sorting.

Schedule Color Coding
Now you can organize things better with column color coding in the Scheduler.

More features:

* More sorting options in the To-Do and Calls area
* Keep Notes on your desktop and save to Noteboard
* Link messages to existing Events in Scheduler
* Drag items to new day in Dashboard view
* Support for vcs and ics files, commonly used by online meeting and scheduling applications
* Show Map option from multi-line fields
* Improved condensing of bitmaps in HTML emails
* Plus improvements to PHONEslips features you use everyday

Includes our PSemail Gateway (a $169 value)

Adds full Internet e-mail capabilities to PHONEslips and lets you handle office e-mail administration and tracking in one place. It offers an inexpensive alternative to Outlook and Exhange Server and supports all standard e-mail funtionality as well as more advanced features such as SSL support, non-standard port numbers for SMTP and POP3, the ability to run as a service, extensive spam filtering, the ability to filter and route e-mail, automatic office-wide e-mail archiving and much more.

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