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PHONEslips 14
Now shipping! PHONEslips 14

Our best version yet!
Telexis, developers of PHONEslips, announces the release of version 14. This latest version has improvements to all areas of the product and several completely new features. In addition, the software maintains the same look and functionality of older versions, making it easy for staff to use it right away. For a limited time, licensed users of previous versions of PHONEslips are entitled to special upgrade pricing (see order form below).

Upgrade now to keep PHONEslips compatible with Windows 8.

New! Screen Share Feature
Office automation has never been better! With the new PHONEslips ScreenShare feature, project collaboration with anyone in your office is just a few clicks away.

Share your screen and chat at the same time. You no longer need to ask someone to come to your office, just to show them something on your screen, or to go over document modifications.

Save everyone in your office valuable time by using the new PHONEslips ScreenShare feature. Your uses for this feature are endless. You will wonder how other offices work without it.

See the other user's screen instantly:

New Appointment Reminders
More options to have automatic e-mails sent to clients to remind them of future meetings.

It's also great for internal scheduling.

Attach files to schedule items, send multiple events via email at the same time and more.

PhoneList Color Coding and vCard Support
Now you can more easily organize your PhoneList and also send entries from the list as vCard e-mail attachments.

More Schedule View Display Options:

More Dashboard Options
HTML email viewing, message status notifications, optimized for large inboxes, more context menu options, copy & paste a schedule item and more.

More features:

* Smart reply for multiple email addresses
* Loading HTML emails faster
* Improved HTML Email support
* New Hyperlink to view Email Signatures faster
* Make your preview area larger
* Add new email accounts easier
* Small or large toolbar buttons option
* Large font options
* More PDF support including Save, Send as Email & Open
* View Tracking in email vault
* Improved status notifications
* Improvements to PHONEslips features you use everyday

Includes our PSemail Gateway (a $169 value)

Adds full Internet e-mail capabilities to PHONEslips and lets you handle office e-mail administration and tracking in one place. It offers an inexpensive alternative to Outlook and Exchange Server and supports all standard e-mail functionality as well as more advanced features such as SSL support, non-standard port numbers for SMTP and POP3, the ability to run as a service, extensive spam filtering, the ability to filter and route e-mail, automatic office-wide e-mail archiving and much more.

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