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PHONEslips 15
Now shipping! PHONEslips 15

Our best version yet!
Telexis, developers of PHONEslips, announces the release of version 15. This latest version has improvements to all areas of the product and several completely new features. In addition, the software maintains the same look and functionality of older versions, making it easy for staff to use it right away. For a limited time, licensed users of previous versions of PHONEslips are entitled to special upgrade pricing (see order form below).

Upgrade now to keep PHONEslips compatible with Windows 8 and 10.

The Dashboard's New Look
The PHONEslips dashboard has a new refined look to better match other programs in Windows 8 and 10. Plus new features to organize yourself faster.

The Dashboard now supports clicking and dragging messages to folders, while remembering where you sent the message. The next time you move a message from the same person, it will be faster.

Save time with the new drag and drop to the calendar feature. From the Dashboard, drag a new message directly to the small calendar below to create a Schedule or To-Do item quickly.

New! Copy to Folder on Send
The new PHONEslips Copy to Folder on Send allows users to create copies of sent messages while in the take message screen. This feature with its new sticky setting allows users to put a sent message in a File Cabinet folder when they click the send button. PHONEslips will keep this folder setting for the next time you send a message.

Save time and keep sent messages organized and up to date with the new Copy to Folder on Send feature.

Filter Individual File Cabinet Folders
The new Search hides any items in the File Cabinet folder you are viewing that doesn't match the items you choose to search. Displaying only the items related to what you are searching for.

Now you can easily search your File Cabinet and only display results from the selected search areas.

Easier Scheduler Color Options
When creating events there is now the ability to select colors from the event screen itself (per workstation setting)

Project Manager
The Project Manager, a powerful utility for tracking long term projects, has the ability to quickly link users to view and be apart of the Projects progression. When looking at the list of current projects, click "Send Link" to send an invite link to a PHONEslips user. A link to the select project would then be sent to that user getting them on board for the project's tasks.
You can view more about the Project Manager HERE.

More features:

  • * Canned Text in HTML emails
  • * Get alarm and message notifications at the same time
  • * Use from field of email to add a contact
  • * Added column in time card to display if users are clocked in or not
  • * Create Call Log from folder tree
  • * Rename File Cabinet folder in folder tree
  • * Create Schedule Event on send
  • * Toggle from HTML to TEXT and back and keep typed text
  • * Continue to work in PHONEslips with an attachment window open
  • * Hot keys to insert date and time into text fields
  • * Internally replying to a check list maintains the format of the checklist
  • * Unlink Messages that are copied

Includes our PSemail Gateway (a $169 value)

Adds full Internet e-mail capabilities to PHONEslips and lets you handle office e-mail administration and tracking in one place. It offers an inexpensive alternative to Outlook and Exchange Server and supports all standard e-mail functionality as well as more advanced features such as SSL support, non-standard port numbers for SMTP and POP3, the ability to run as a service, extensive spam filtering, the ability to filter and route e-mail, automatic office-wide e-mail archiving and much more.

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