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PHONEslips for Outlook
A new version of our popular Microsoft Outlook Add-in Product
If your office uses Microsoft Outlook and users want to continue using the Outlook inbox - but you want all the features of PHONEslips, then this is the product for you. It adds two new message types to Outlook (phone messages and instant memos) and can synchronize data between Outlook and PHONEslips. This lets you have all the functionality of PHONEslips and Outlook combined.

Now you can get all the features of our latest PHONEslips 12.0 integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook.

* Eliminate paper messages from your office
* Receptionist can quickly take a phone message, without bringing up Outlook
* Outlook users are notified instantly, even if Outlook isn't running
* Phone messages and memos show up in your Outlook inbox with their own icon and form
* Archive and search messages in seconds from any computer in the office
* Send instant memos to others in the office
* In/out board lets you have important messages automatically forwarded to a cell phone or handheld
* Receptionist can quickly view all new phone messages without launching Outlook
* Copy important client e-mails to the PHONEslips File Cabinet
* Provides a common contact database that everyone can access
* Supports Caller ID
* Synchronize Outlook contacts, calendars and tasks to PHONEslips contacts, scheduler and to-do list
* And much more...

Does PHONEslips for Outlook require Exchange Server?
No. In fact if your office doesn’t use Exchange Server, PHONEslips for Outlook gives your office Exchange-like benefits by allowing users to send inner-office messages and share Outlook contacts, calendar and tasks with anyone in the office.

System Requirements
Requires Microsoft Outlook 2000 or higher. Does not support Outlook Express. PHONEslips for Outlook does not require Microsoft Exchange Server.

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