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PHONEslips Link to QuickBooks
Share data between PHONEslips and QuickBooks
This powerful new add-on product lets offices that use both PHONEslips and the popular QuickBooks accounting software share data between the two applications.

Now you can share customer and vendor data between PHONEslips and QuickBooks automatically - no need to manually import or export data - or worse, retype it. Once you’ve established the link, just make changes in PHONEslips or QuickBooks and the changes are automatically made in the other program. No more double data entry!

Once a record is linked between the two programs, you can pull up useful QuickBooks information from within the PHONEslips PhoneList - account information, shipping address, job info, etc. And you don’t even have to have QuickBooks installed at the workstation to see it. You have complete administrative control over which records get linked and what information is shared. If QuickBooks is installed on the workstation, you can jump right to the QuickBooks entry from the PHONEslips PhoneList entry with one click.

Increased office efficiency

Make sure your data is up to date by keeping QuickBooks and PHONEslips in synch
* Save time and reduce errors by eliminating double data entry
* Have instant access to important QuickBooks information, without even running QuickBooks
* You have control over what data is linked and how changes are synchronized
* Easy to install and set up

Don’t spend another minute doing double data entry
Get PHONEslips link to QuickBooks today! Buy now

System requirements:
PHONEslips 7.0 or higher and QuickBooks 2002 or higher.
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