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Join thousands of offices that have eliminated paper and streamlined their office communications

* Easy to use interface lets people start using it right away. If they can fill out a paper message slip, they can use PHONEslips
* Send instant memos to others in the office, much faster than e-mail
* Use urgent message feature to get someone's attention
* Archive and search messages in seconds

But, PHONEslips can handle more than just messaging. It also includes:

* Shared contact database that lets everyone have access to up to date contact information
* File Cabinet lets you keep everything you know about a customer in one place - messages, contact info, appointments and more
* In/out board lets you forward messages to a cell phone, pager or e-mail account when people are out of the office
* Call log allows you to record incoming/outgoing phone calls and time spent for billing purposes
* Each person has a schedule and to-do list that can be viewed and edited by others in the office
* Many other features to help streamline your office operations
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